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    Practising solicitors need two hours of Risk Management, three hours of Conveyancing if you are in any way involved, and five hours of legal topics making a total of ten hours in group study.
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    Please email or telephone to ascertain the status of each seminar before sending your booking. Should attendance at a seminar not be allowed because of Covid restrictions we plan to provide a webinar.
    Cancellations are non-refundable at all times however bookings can be carried forward to a subsequent date.
    In the unlikely event of a seminar being cancelled by McKelvey Associates a full refund will be made.
    A VAT invoice for this booking will be sent to you before the date of the last seminar you have booked.

    Thank you for choosing to attend a McKelvey Associates seminar.
    We appreciate your support in this our twenty first year of providing CPD seminars to the legal profession in N Ireland.
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